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Teacher Excellence Awards

Teacher Excellence Awards

The Teacher Excellence Award is one of the highest honours given to technology and engineering education classroom teachers and is presented in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the profession and their students. The Teacher Excellence Award provides public recognition from local through to international levels.

Who is Eligible?
Candidates for the Teacher Excellence Award must be characterised as providing technology and engineering education instruction of high quality, learner centred and relevant to a study of technology and engineering. Mandatory requirements include:

  • The teacher must be nominated by an educator.
  • The teacher must be a current IIATE member and have held membership for the preceding year.
  • The teacher must be certified to teach in technology/engineering education and must be a full-time technology/engineering education teacher.
  • The teacher’s administrator must concur that he/she is a professional worthy of being considered an outstanding educator.

The Teacher Excellence Awards program was established to identify outstanding technology and engineering teachers who will serve as models for their colleagues and who could form a leadership core to affect change in the field.  IIATE will recognise only one teacher at each school per year.

Award criteria:

 All recipients must:

  • Exemplify excellence in teaching.
  • Teach courses that represent good technology and engineering education using accepted state or national standards.
  • Be committed to continuing professional development.
  • Contribute to the profession through ongoing service.

Eligibility criteria:

All candidates for the Teacher Excellence Award must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Must be certified to teach technology and engineering education and must be a full-time professional employee of a school.


  • Have a full-time technology/engineering education teaching position (at least four periods a day) in a public or private school in the state or province.
  • Have taught middle/junior high or high school technology and engineering education for at least five years prior to nomination.
  • Must be recognized by the school’s administration as being worthy of recognition as an outstanding teacher.
  • Is a current member of IIATE and the state/province affiliate at the time of receiving the award and has been a member of IIATE and also a member of the state/province association for the previous year (two-year membership requirement).


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