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Reflections from 2014 conference

IIATE/DAATA/TERC Conference 2014, A beginning teachers’ perspective




This was my first conference and it was with some nervousness that I arrived at the Masonic Centre for registration.  Nerves were quickly forgotten, with an engaging presentation from Professor Richard Kimbell.  His critical analysis of National Assessment in the UK and the following questions and discussions were really helpful from my perspective as a beginning teacher.  Sometimes the things we learn at University can be detached from a practical context and it has really helped my own thinking to hear real world research and to be part of a discussion about real world issues. 


I managed to meet many different people from lots of different schools, ACARA, Academics from all over the world and passionate exhibitors. All were friendly, interesting and helpful. I thought that as a beginning teacher people might be less interested in my views, but I found the opposite to be true.  I attended a lot of TERC sessions and the smaller audience allowed for interactive presentations and excellent discussions. I found these discussions to be a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing technology educators today and the range of views held by different people.


The dinner on Friday night was excellent; great beer, great food and a great crowd of people.  One thing that struck me at the dinner is how friendly and welcoming the IIATE executive are. Kobe Perdriau going table to table showing pictures of Astrid and John circa 1973 was a highlight, as was the launch of the new website.


A couple of years ago, I was encouraged by one of my lecturers Dave Ellis, to get involved with IIATE and it was wise advice. IIATE offer very generous discounts to students for courses and conferences and everything I have been involved with has been of the highest quality. I cannot wait for the next “hands on technology” weekend.


By Dean Maddock

Southern Cross University


Pre-service and student teachers recive sonference discounts - $100 / day! 

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