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Design & Technology - 2014 Student Interview

1. You did a lot of research for your MDP, in sharing research tips for future students - what were your most valuable sources of information?

The small effort of contacting experts and professionals became the most valuable resource for broadening the skills and outcome of my project. Whether it was advice for recommended natural finish products or assistance with construction methods, individuals with expert advice became the foundation to the quality completion of my MDP. Also, based on the expert assistance, my hands-on experimentation became a valuable source of information, as I was able to conclude best results from practical trials that had been conducted.


2. How did you make this movie? (what software did you use?)

Using a tripod, I mounted a GoPro temporarily to the table’s leg. This enabled me to take a series of still photos from a positioned angle. Using Apple’s software, iMovie, every photo taken was then compiled together to create the stop motion video. This was submitted as part of my MDP to show the ongoing progress and bigger picture methods of construction.


3. What skills did you learn in other subjects that were helpful for DT?

Communicating ideas and collaboration of work are vital skills across all subjects. The diversity of the subjects I studied (English, Religion, Ancient History, Society & Culture and Design & Technology) broadened my methods of sharing ideas and my confidence to work with others. These two skills strengthened my performance in DT, as flexible communication qualities and the ability to work with others are foundational to a successful design and successful designer.



4. What skills and information will you take forward into future study that you learnt in DT?

The basic Design & Technology course concepts were the most significant aspects throughout the Preliminary and HSC study that I will continue to acknowledge as I am studying Interior Architecture at Uni. Concepts including; function, aesthetics, ergonomics, anthropometrics etc must become part of my regular thought process as a future designer. These design concepts are also reoccurring elements within our world that I began to appreciate once I linked them to daily living.


5. Any advice for future HSC students?

You will experience your highest points and you will experience your lowest points but don’t be influenced by others expectations. Remind yourself that the HSC is for YOU. So as advice, accept the HSC as a challenge. Prove to yourself that you are capable of obtaining and sharing incredible knowledge. Relate yourself to your course syllabus- simplify your study by interpreting everything with a rational perception. Compete with your past marks. And most importantly, test your abilities by completing everything with your best effort.

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